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Medistanbul Hospital

Medistanbul Hospital; It has positioned its first hospital on a 22.000 square meter closed area in a region located in the center of Istanbul's transportation network, with its experienced and expert staff in all its units, with a service understanding that has adopted patient satisfaction as a principle and aimed to make a positive difference in the health sector.

The foundations of the first hospital complex, which it started to serve, were started in mid-2019. Medistanbul Hospital, which is within the scope of TemPoint and VEGA AVM project, which is at a very central point due to its location and accessibility; As of March 2021, it started to accept patients.

It provides services at international standards with its suitability for both national and international patient transfers, specialty centers, expert medical and experienced non-medical staff. It provides world-class health services to its patients from Turkey and various geographies of the world.

Medistanbul Hospital; With its technical infrastructure and advanced medical technology, it offers quality healthcare services to its patients with a multidisciplinary approach, primarily in all basic branches and then in all sub-branches.

Our hospital, which started to serve with an active bed capacity of 100, 30 of which are in adult, newborn and coronary intensive care units, has the technical equipment and infrastructure that can rapidly increase the bed capacity in line with the needs.


Medistanbul Hospital