Everything we do to make sure that your stay in Turkey goes smooth.
Thank you for choosing MedProper. We are here for your health and we will be accompanying with you every step of the way.
We regulate your visa procedures, flight ticket and hotel reservations before you arrive in Turkey.
For accommodation we can offer you affordable prices in our own Medproper Suites in Turkey based on your preference.
We schedule your necessary appointments with your doctor and necessary medical facilities before your arrival.
We organize all transfers between airport – hotel – hospital with our Executive car fleed.
Our team arranges necessary legal procedures for your accommodation and residency.
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We facilitate the communication channels between the medical professionals and our patients.
You will be welcomed at the airport by our staff that speaks your native language and our multi-language speaking team will accompany you during the entire process.
We assist you in financial matters if/when needed.
We provide follow-up support after your treatment.
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