Regular health exams help diagnose illnesses in early stages thus improving chances for a successful treatment.

You may feel that it is unnecessary to go to a hospital, while you are feeling well. However, there are variety of health risks faced by everyone.

Regular health checks can help to identify early warning signs of disease or illness. Heart disease, diabetes and some cancers can often be picked up in their early stages, when treatment may be more successful. When you have a check, your doctor will talk to you about your medical history, your family’s history of disease and your lifestyle. Your diet, weight, how much you exercise, and whether or not you smoke and drink alcohol or drugs can also be discussed.

Regular checks may help your doctor pick up early warning signs. If you have a high risk of a particular health condition, your doctor may recommend more frequent health checks at an earlier age. These are some common tests, but your doctor may recommend others according to your situation.

Our contracted hospitals has developed special health checkup programs that consist of detailed medical assessment and counseling on health awareness.

Checkup Packages

  • Female Checkups
  • Male Checkups
  • Extended checkups
  • Cardiac checkups
  • Diabetic Checkups

Comprehensive care

  • An experienced team of healthcare experts will review your medical history
  • Full range of preventive screening tests
  • Patients are accompanied by a check-up official during the process
  • Review of medications and immunizations
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Consultation with your personal executive health physician

You can get a second opinion to know every possible choice for treatment.
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