Robotic Chemotherapy Preparation

Robotic Chemotherapy Preparation

Cancer is a disease that is treated much better today than 30 years ago. Thanks to the significant advances in surgical methods and the use of radiotherapy methods and computer technology cancer treatment became more effective..

Prof. Dr. Hakan Karagöl, Medical Oncology and Internal Diseases Specialist inform about the robotic chemotherapy drugs preparation method, which has been started to be applied at Emsey Hospital in Istanbul.

Prevents risk of incorrect dosage in chemotherapy Chemotherapy, which is one of the applications of treating the tumor with drugs, is one of the most important parts of tumor treatment together with surgery and radiation therapy.

In chemotherapy treatment, the preparation of drugs according to the patient and giving them in the right dosage are among the most important factors.

The new robotic technology, defined as a fully automatic chemotherapeutic drug preparation robot, is designed for the preparation of patient-specific stotoxic compounds in a controlled and sterile environment. 

The robot, which responds to all needs on its own in all stages and different applications of a sensitive process such as the preparation of drugs, provides great convenience with its functionality.

Robot also provides these advantages below ;

-Does not require manual intervention during the processing and preparation of drugs.

- It automatically takes the drug from its commercial packaging such as small capsules, containers, bottles. In addition, the original medicine container limits human interventions in the loading process of solutions, final containers and syringes at the highest level.

- It automatically makes frozen drugs in vacuum environment to be used with the appropriate diluent.

- It enables the mixing of drugs in different sizes to facilitate the use of the patient.

-It prevents different drugs from getting dirty or spoiled by mixing with each other. On average, each recipe completes its filling time in a maximum of 3 minutes.

- Verifies and confirms that the correct drug dosage is provided, thanks to the independent chip control feature. With the barcode system for drugs and materials, it prevents the danger of mixing while exchanging